Invariants of Ergodic Transformations

April 11, 2013 the regular meeting of the AMU was addressed by Victor Arzumanian (Institute of Mathematics) with the talk “Invariants of Ergodic Transformations”. In the report, an introduction to ergodic theory was presented, and the isomorphism problem was formulated, with the indication of some invariants of various origin (mixing, spectral, and entropy). Finally, the notion of algebraic type of ergodic endomorphism was introduced (as the type of the corresponding factor) and its independence of entropy was shown.

Half an hour before, the Administration Board of the Union discussed the status of a new Mirimanoff Prize award, dedicated to the famous scientist of Armenian descent, Dmitry Mirimanoff (1861-1945), who lived and worked in Switzerland. A special ceremonial session was organized to celebrate the 150-th Anniversary of  Prof.Mirimanoff, see here).


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