Operator Algebras and Quantum Semigroups

Start June 2, 2013,
End June 7, 2013,

Institute of Mathematics, NAS of RA.

The workshop is organized by

  • Armenian Mathematical Union,
  • Institute of Mathematics of RA,
  • Kazan State Power Engineering university.

Main topics:

  • Operator Algebras,
  • Representation theory,
  • Quantum Semigroups.

Organizing Committee:
V. Arzumanian (IM), M. Aukhadiev (KSPEU), R. Barkhudaryan (IM), S. Grigoryan (KSPEU), T. Grigoryan (KSPEU), T. Harutyunyan (YSU,AMU), E. Lipacheva (KSPEU), Yu. Movsisyan (YSU).

Poster of the conference is here.

Please, see the Program of the conference.

Pictures of the Conference:

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