International Day of Mathematics

International Day of Mathematics


Armenian Mathematical Union organizes a series of talks dedicated to the 95th anniversary of S. N. Mergelyan. 

1. G. Barseghian, Some general properties of analytical functions, complex polynomials; 
2. M. Grigoryan, Some questions of best approximation;
3. A. Gevorgyan, Irrevisibility in classical mechanics;
4. Yu. Movsisyan, Moufang loops;
5. N. Andrianov, Bely’s theorem, Devenport-Zanier polynomials and abc conjecture;
6. E. Grigoryan, Multiplicative semigroups of semirings;
7. E. Amiraghyan, Boole De Morgan algebras;
8.  S. Sahakyan, The structure of Boolean algebras;
9. L. Kocharyan, Lattice ordered structures.

Talks will take place at the room 125 of  Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics, YSU. The beginning is at 12։30:

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