International Conference on Algebra, Logic, and Their Applications

International Conference on Algebra, Logic, and Their Applications

Yerevan, Armenia

October 13-17, 2024

The conference aims to provide a forum where specialists will meet to share ideas on the latest research in Algebraic Structures, Mathematical Logic, Number Theory, Pure and Applied Mathematics, and Computer Science.


Armenian Mathematical Union                                                                                                        Institute of Mathematics of NAS of RA                                                                                                Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics of Yerevan State University

The conference will take place at the Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics of Yerevan State University.

Conference Topics:

  • Algebra and Logic, Number Theory,
  • Algebraic combinatorics,
  • Algebra-logical methods in informational technologies,
  • Nonclassical logics,
  • Group theory,
  • Model theory and universal algebra,
  • Discrete structures and their applications,
  • Non-associative algebras, quasigroups.

The conference program will consist of 40-45 min.  planar talks and 15-20 min. contribution talks including questions.

Invited speakers:

 E. Zelmanov   (USA)                                                                                                                               L. Beklaryan (Russia)                                                                                                                               A. Basmajian (USA)                                                                                                                                 G. Barsegian     (Armenia)                                                                                                                       P. Gevorkyan   (Russia)                                                                                                                            A. Gevorkyan    (Armenia)                                                                                                                      M. Grigoryan (Armenia)                                                                                                                          A. Guterman (Israel)                                                                                                                                V. Pambuccian (USA)                                                                                                                            G. Khachatryan (USA)                                                                                                                         A. Krapež   (Serbia)                                                                                                                                 H.P. Sankappanavar  (USA)                                                                                                                    F. Sokhatsky (Ukrain)                                                                                                                              J.D.H. Smith (USA)                                                                                                                                  M. Volkov (Russia)

All participants who wish to contribute a talk are invited to send a 1-2 page abstract in LaTeX and PDF formats (in English only) to

Important dates:

Abstract submission deadline: June 30, 2024

Acceptance notification: July 30, 2024

Registration:  on the day of arrival


Programming Committee

  • V. Atabekyan (Yerevan State University, Armenia)
  • A. Basmajian (New York University)
  • L Budaghyan (University of Bergen, Norway)
  • S. Davidov (Yerevan State University, Armenia)
  • A. Hajian (Northeastern University, USA)
  • H. Meladze (Muskhelishvili Institute, Georgia)
  • V. Pambuccian (Arizona State University, USA)
  • Yu. Movsisyan (Yerevan State University, Armenia)
  • A. Sahakyan (Yerevan State University, Armenia)
  • F. Sokhatsky (Donetsk Univesrity, Ukraine)
  • M. Volkov (Ural Federal University, Russia)
  • Yang Xiao-Jun (China)

Organizing Committee

  • D. Davidova
  • L. Abrahamyan
  • M. Yolchyan

The conference fee is 200 euros for general participants, 100 euros for students and PhD students, and has to be paid on the day of registration.


Yerevan State University is located downtown Yerevan. There are many accommodations near to the venue. For instance,  Erebuni Hotel Yerevan , Central Hotel Yerevan14 Floor Hotel, Guest House of Yerevan State University

Visa information. For European, US citizens, and most post-Soviet Union citizens there are no visa requirements. For more details, check the web page .

Travel from the airport to Yerevan: The most convenient way to travel from the airport to downtown is bus number 100  (costs approx. 50 c.) and taxi (costs approx. 7 euro).

If you have questions, please, do not hesitate to contact Diana Davidova by the email

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