The AMU annual session dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Mathematical Union ( 1920-2020)

The AMU annual session dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Mathematical Union ( 1920-2020)

The AMU  annual session will be held on 6th of  November 2021. The session is dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Mathematical Union.

The session will take place at the faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics,  YSU .



 11:00-11:30 :  Yu. M. Movsisyan, “Burnside varieties.’‘                                                     11:30-12:00:  G. Barsegian, “Some interrelated principles: for curves, real functions                                     and analytic functions.”                                                                               12:00-12:30: L. A. Beklaryan, A. L. Beklaryan , “The question of the existence of                                           bounded soliton solutions in the problem of longitudinal vibrations of an                                elastic  infinite rod in a field with a nonlinear potential of genera form.”   12:30-13:00:  A. S. Gevorkyan, “Exactly Constructed Models of Quantum Mechanics                                   with a Random Environment in the Framework of Complex Probabilistic                                  Processes.’

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13.30-14.00: E. Pogossian, “On Consequences of Constructive Modeling of Cognizing.’‘  14:00-14:30:  V. K. Ohanyan, “Reconstruction of Convex bodies by probabilistic                                           methods.”                                                                                                            14.30-15.00: Ye. Ts.  Alaverdyan, “Secret Sharing based on Elliptic curves.”            15.00-15.30:  K. Avetisyan, “On harmonic conjugates in weighted quaternionic                                             spaces.’‘                                                                                                                             15.30-16:00:  S. Rafaelyan, “On  mathematical results of  E. Kogbetlianz.’



16:30-17:00:   V. Khalatyan , N. Aharonyan,  “Density function of the distance between                                 two random points in a body from Rn.”                                                    17:00-17:20: V. K. Ohanyan,  H. O. Harutyunyan,  “Investigation of convex bodies in                                  R3 by support planes.”                                                                                               17.20-17.40:  D. M. Martirosyan, V. K. Ohanyan, “Investigation of Convex Domains by                               Intersection Points Produced by Random Lines.”                                       17.40-18.00:  H. Zohrabyan,  “Loss functions and Descent Method.”                          18.00-18.20:  L. Abrahamyan, “On isotopic rings and semirings.”                                 18.20-18.40:   R.Dallakyan,  “On the Djrbashyan products.”                                                     18:40- 19:10:  A. H. Babayan, “Application of the Chebyshev Polynomials to the                                             Solution of the Boundary Value Problems for Partial Differential                                             Equations in the  Unit Disc.

Please submit your abstracts to in LaTeX  and PDF formats (in English). Deadline for submission : 30th of October 2021. 

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