INTERNATIONAL DAY OF MATHEMATICS IN                          ARMENIA

                                          Scientific  Conference of  AMU dedicacated to                                                                                           the  International Day of Mathematics                                                                                                              14th March  2020

Scientific conference dedicated to the International Day of Mathematics will take place at the Department of Mathematics and Mechanics of Yerevan State University, Alex Manoogian 1, Yerevan 0025, Armenia on 14th March 2020.

The International Day of Mathematics is a project  by the International Mathematical Union (IMU)   and was proclaimed by UNESCO

Program of the conference

   – Movsisyan Yu. (11.00-11.30), Hyperidentities                     

   – Barsegian G. (11.30-12.00),  On some trends and principles related to arbitrary                                                            meromorphic or analytic functions in a given  domain     

   – Ohanyan V. (12.00-12.30),   On covariogram for fuzzy convex bodies 

   – Grigoryan M. (12.30-13.00), Universal functions and (universal) series 

    – Babayan A. (13.00-13.30),  On a solution of the Dirichlet problem  for Higher                                                                           Order PDE by Chebyshev Polynomials

Coffee break (13:30-14:00)

  – Nigiyan S. (14.00-14.30) , On basic semantics of  typed  functional program   

  – Haroutunian M. (14.30-15.00), Information Theory Research in Armenia       

   – Gevorkyan A. (15.00-15.30), Quantum-classical correspondence in non-integrable                                                systems on the example of a three-body problem

   – Beklaryan L. (15.30-16.00), Solitonic solutions as realization of manifolds of                                                           solutions of the function-differential equations of pointwise type

     – Avetisyan K. (16.00-16.30), On harmonic conjugation  problem


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