Emil Artin International School in Mathematics for Students

Yerevan State University

Start: 21 May, 2018                                                                                                                            End: 25 May,  2018

This school was held on the occasion of Emil Artin’s 120th birthday and was followed by the Emil Artin International Conference

The school was focused on some of Artin’s contributions to number theory and representation theory and in particular on two famous conjectures he made: the Artin primitive root conjecture and the Artin holomorphy conjecture. 

LecturersLilit Martirosyan (University of North Carolina, USA), Pieter Moree
(Max Planck Instituts für Mathematik, Germany), Francesco Pappalardi (Università Roma Tre, Italy), Peter Stevenhagen (Universiteit Leiden, Netherlands), Valerio Talamanca
(Università Roma Tre, Italy).

More information about the school can be found on the official web-page.

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