Algebras with hyper-identities of lattice varieties

5 June 2014 (next Thursday), at 17.30 a general meeting of AMU was held, which was addressed by Prof. Yuri Movsisyan with a talk “Algebras with hyper-identities of lattice varieties”.
In the report, the hyperidentities of the classical varieties of lattices are classified. The algebras satisfying these hyperidentities, as well as the subdirectly irreducible algebras are characterized. The corresponding structure results are proved. Using the functional representations, the finitely generated free algebras of the varieties of algebras satisfying the above mentioned hyperidentities are characterized.
The related results of the following authors are considered: A. Church, A.I.Maltsev, V.D.Belousov, G.Bergman, W.Taylor, M.Ginsberg, M.Fitting, H.Priestley, J.D.H.Smith, A.B.Romanowska, R. Schauffler, B.I.Plotkin, E.Graczynska, D.Schweigert, S.Wismath, R.Poshel, J.Koppitz, K.Denecke, J.Aczel, R.Padmanabhan, P.Penner, L.Polak, G.Paseman.

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